Allen Nice
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Allen Nice

Successful real estate transactions are produced when you couple them with a successful and genuine agent. Allen provides just that with his bona fide passion for communicating with people and his relentless desire to provide a smooth, organized, and favorable outcome.

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Get Active Stay Active

Get Active Stay Active   Summer is almost here, so below is a quick-and-dirty primer on the reasons you should be exercising coupled with some rah-rah motivational strategies to get you going and keep you going.   Exercise benefits 1.)  Energy increase 2.)  Manufacture and release of endorphins, the body's feel-good chemicals 3.)  Amplified strength and stamina 4.)  Increase in brain power, clear thinking 5.)  Disease and disability prevention 6.)  Better, deeper, more restful sleep 7.)  Alleviates depression 8.)  Decreases stress 9.)  Increases lean tissue and decreases body fat 10.)  Enhances circulation 11.)  Keeps bones strong and prevents osteoporosis 12.)  Increases self-…